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to Owners of Timberland

Reduce your Real Estate Taxes

Managing your Forest Can Cut your Taxes

A professional management plan is required in order to qualify for a
reduction in real property tax.

If you qualify, according to the criteria set up under New York State Tax Law,
section 480(a), you may be eligible for a tax reduction of up to 80%.

To be eligible, you must own over 50 contiguous acres of forestland.

The plan, prepared by a professional forester, must include an inventory of the
species and number and size of trees. Maps showing open fields and other
features are necessary also.

A series of planned activities upon the land are part of a management plan.
For instance, thinning on a pre-determined schedule, commercial harvesting, and other management practices are the types of activities appearing in a plan.

Please call us for more information, so that we can discuss whether
this type of management plan would be suitable for you.

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