Fred Safford Forestry Consultant,LLC
Providing Forest Management Services
to Owners of Timberland

Services we provide include:

1. Conducting timber sales with selective harvesting
2. Preparation of Management Plans for:

i. Real property tax savings of up to 80% (480-a plans)
ii. Achievement of long term goals

a. Encourage development of wildlife habitat
A professional forester can assist you in establishing food plots and provide you with other valuable advice to make your property more attractive to wildlife.
Encouraging the growth of certain species of trees attracts deer and turkeys. For example, white oak acorns are especially tasty to deer foraging for food.

b. Maximize income
A careful selective harvest overseen by a forestry consultant can maximize your present income, while leaving plenty of young trees to grow for future harvests.
With professional planning of harvests, the younger trees can thrive with increased light and food available for their nourishment.

3. Appraisals:
i. For income tax purposes – to establish basis, including Retro-valuation of timber
ii. For estate valuation purposes
iii. For purposes of valuation of matrimonial assets
iv. Timber trespasses

Fred Safford, Forestry Consultant
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