Fred Safford Forestry Consultant,LLC
Providing Forest Management Services
to Owners of Timberland


1. Why should I hire a Consultant Forester?

A Consultant Forester works for YOU. Many loggers and sawmills are reputable, but they are most interested in maximizing their profits. A Consultant Forester works to maximize your profit. We have your interests at heart.

2. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories. What can you do to help me
avoid the pitfalls?

The first step to avoid pitfalls is to begin with careful planning by a professional forester.
Together, we will determine which trees go and which ones stay; we will plan the layout of roads and landings; and we will hold a bond to make sure any ruts are smoothed out, and debris is cleaned form landing sites.

We make periodic inspections during the harvest to make sure contract terms are being met.

3. Does it cost me anything to have you come out and assess my woodlot?
No, the first consultation is free, and is for purposes of determining, in general, what action would be best for you and your woodlot.

4. Who needs a Consultant Forester?

Accountants, attorneys, the state, counties and municipalities, and landowners need Consultant Foresters.

We can help with the valuation for tax purposes, estate matters and investment goals. Further, with proper management, government entities can use their timberland as a source of income, and may be able to reduce taxes.

5. Why not sell directly to a logger or sawmill?

Because most landowners aren’t sure they are getting paid the true value of their timber.
A landowner we recently represented was offered $2400 for his timber. Afterward, he hired us. We marked fewer trees to be harvested, and obtained a purchase price of $8900.
Of course, the disparity between offers made by loggers or sawmills, and the price a Consultant Forester obtains is not always this extreme; however, a recent study showed that on average, a Consultant Forester obtains prices approximately 20% higher than a landowner would get selling the timber on his or her own.
Let our expertise in knowing the market work for you.


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